Dog Days of August III: Pattern Interrupting Destructive Behavior

Is it possible that we can, at times, be our own worst enemy? Has there even been a period in your life where, in spite of your best efforts, you always seemed to find a way to wind up in disappointment and frustration? Without diving straight into the deep-end of what could be a very heavy topic (for publication at a later date), check out this crazy pup who has some definite neurological disorders that not only prevent him from enjoying a tasty treat, but also cause him to lash out without concern for his own well-being:

The next time you find yourself in a personal disappointment loop, take a step back and make sure you’re not tripping yourself up (or attacking your own foot!) along your path to success. Sometimes, like the dog above, we can be our own worst enemy without ever realizing it. At time like those, a trusted friend or mentor is truly priceless for their ability to assess the situation and offer perspective from a point of view that we simply cannot see because we are too close to the issue at hand. To quote the Austrian-born American engineer and venture capitalist Eugene Kleiner, It’s difficult to see the picture when you’re inside the frame.” 

I am thankful for the life changing material that Tonya & I have been introduced through Life Leadership and for the friends and mentors we’ve been blessed with over the years (Orrin & Laurie Woodward and Marc & Kristine Militello) that have helped me stop attacking my own feet on too many occasions to count. 🙂 

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