Whispering a Prayer / The Power of Visualization 2

“The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it. Because the only thing that’s holding you back is the way you’re thinking.” – Steve Vai

There’s a powerful concept that all successful individuals eventually master during their lives and the concept is that of positive self-projection or visualization. In The Psychology of Winning, Dr. Dennis Waitley writes of how all winners practice positive self-projection. They project their best selves every day in the way they look, walk, talk, listen, and react.

Orrin Woodward, a top-ranked leadership expert, writes about this principle in the blog titled, Imagination – The Key to Creating the Future. In the blog, Woodward discusses a the self-projection process applied by Olympic Gold Medal Champion, Peter Vidmar who not only spent countless hours physically practicing his routine but also invested countless hours visualizing a perfect performance which, not coincidentally, came into fruition at the 1984 Los Angeles Games. While sporting events seem to provide the most common example, positive self-projection is not limited to the field of athletics, but can (and should) be applied to every area of life. In the following video, Steve Vai (an American guitar virtuoso, songwriter) shares this very concept, how he applies positive self-projection daily and, as a result, has become one of the most successful recorded guitarists ever, selling over 15 million albums.

“The more you can crystallize your vision, the more you will become a self-fulfilled prophecy.”

It may seem that Steve is sharing the success secrets on how to play guitar; what he’s truly sharing is a success principle on how to visualize success in your life. The song he plays in the video is titled Whispering a Prayer and is one of my favorite instrumentals to which I close my eyes and visualize my future. It’s a beautiful piece that begins with a soft interlude and progressively increases in passion & complexity as it crescendos into an powerful attack at the 5:20 mark. As an amateur guitarist, the following 40 seconds seem impossible to play at my level of thinking. Not only does the video show exactly how it’s played, but Steve shares the steps required to mentally play it well in advance of ever attempting to to do so physically.

Enjoy the video! I hope it helps guide you in your ability to understand the process of self-projection to visualize success in every area of your life.

– Mike

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2 thoughts on “Whispering a Prayer / The Power of Visualization

  • Anna Walsh

    He’s really in the zone, isn’t he? I especially like that Steve suggests picking a time that is yours to work on fulfilling your dream. Successful people do that. Thanks for posting this.

  • Jk

    There’s something here; it’s not nonsense. I read about a world famous golf professional who right before he hit the ball he would see in his mind the ball going into the hole. What that does it is give instructions to all the body’s mechanisms involved in getting the ball in the hole. I tried it in a game of snooker once (and I rarely play snooker, snooker is pool for all you yanks) and it amazed myself and others. Try it!