Heart of a Champion – Apollos Hester 1

Apollos Hester plays football for the East View (Texas) Patriots. The following interview and incredible response was totally unscripted which makes it that more powerful. Understandably, Apollos was pretty pumped up after his team came back to claim a 42-41 victory over Vandegrift Friday night. Instead of talking typical X’s & O’s and football strategy, Apollos goes deep and talks about true success principles that catapulted his team to victory including attitude, commitment, conviction, enthusiasm, belief and dogged persistence: 

What victories await you and your team if everyone could just harness the power of young Apollos’ attitude and belief? I imagine his entire team feels blessed to have this sort of motivator in their locker room during every practice, every game and every huddle. May we all make the decision to become the best encouragers of one another because this sort of encouragement is priceless and is needed, not just in football, but in the real game of life each day!

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One thought on “Heart of a Champion – Apollos Hester

  • Tonya

    A lot of people can learn from this young man. I love his attitude about life. He is definitely worth watching to see where he ends up in life!!