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This page is dedicated to the LIFE Leadership business opportunity and compensation plan. Borrowing the phrase, “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” I feel the following videos are worth thousands of pictures! With that introduction, I will omit any significant commentary other than a brief description of who is speaking & what each video explains.

Video #1: Rob Robson shares high level perspective on the LIFE Leadership compensation plan compares to many other business models both in and out of the networking / direct sales industry.

Video #2: Steve Morgan is an excellent speaker who shows one of the best LIFE business plans. A former construction worker, Steve is a walking testimony of how the LIFE Leadership product line can truly change one’s life in every aspect of our 8-F categories (Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Friends, Following, & Fun). This video was recorded at a live event in Southfield, Michigan and is being shared for all who are striving to live a better life.

Video #3: Marc Militello, a mastered-degreed public school teacher who retired at 39 years of age by applying the LIFE Leadership principles and business model, uses three simple examples to show how the LIFE compensation plan works. Marc specifically answers a common objection by showing how the LIFE compensation plan is not a pyramid scheme but actually rewards those who perform and build a real business.

I hope these videos prove to be useful in explaining the LIFE Leadership business opportunity and compensation plan. Additional information can be found by clicking this Business Membership link or the icon on the right side of the main page of this blog. Feel free to contact me by leaving any questions or comments in the Reply box below.



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