Why LIFE Leadership?

Why Now? Why You?

On November 1, 2011, a new business quietly launched with the specific intent of creating a whole new industry. I use the term “quietly” because in terms of mainstream media there was absolutely no coverage (not even a footnote) on the national, state or even local levels. Just 12 days prior and unbeknownst to media outlets, an army of 10,000+ US & Canadian entrepreneurs gathered at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio for the pre-roll out of LIFE Leadership. Several best-selling authors (including Orrin WoodwardChris BradyTim MarksClaude Hamilton) and other top leaders partnered together in the community building business with a goal to end the decline of North American morale and productivity. When opportunity and preparedness meet, success must happen. The LIFE founders were prepared and, thanks to God’s grace, the opportunity presented itself to do something in the leadership field that had never been done before. The first year of results reflect anything but a “quiet” year! LIFE’s various business products combined to gross over $50M in sales while carrying zero debt! The LIFE business paid out over $1.8M in year-end bonuses and incentive trips on top of the 70% bonuses paid out on its monthly product volume! The co-founders of LIFE Leadership are quoted as saying that, “the LIFE Leadership Company was not designed to make a lot of money but to PAY OUT a lot of money!” At the time of writing, the current year’s sales pace is said to be expected to approach the $100M mark in its second fiscal year. Growth like this is seemingly unprecedented in any industry.

LIFE Leadership specifically was founded through the process of intersectional innovation of the following four trends:

• Leadership Development
• Life Coaching
• Community Building
• Home Based Business

The end result is a leadership development product line that focuses on what LIFE calls its “8-F’s”: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Friends, Following, and Fun.

Why LIFE Leadership?

Opportunities, both good & bad, abound in the information age for people to consider and I want to dedicate this article on why you the reader should choose to be a part of LIFE Leadership either as a member or customer.

   • Little or no downside risk. The start-up product kit, valued at over $250, is discounted to $89.99. After sales tax (state dependent) and shipping the grand total start-up investment is just about $100. The start-up product pack, along with every product purchased from the LIFE Leadership website, is backed up with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. You can register, try out the product, and attend a month’s worth of meetings & seminars. If you don’t like what you learn and experience, you simply return the product for refund.

   • High credibility. LIFE’s policy council team includes numerous New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Money Magazine best-selling authors.

   • Zero corporate owners of the LIFE Leadership business. All founding members are exactly that: members and, as such, get paid with the same compensation plan as the rest of the field.

   • No long-term contracts or commitments. LIFE’s product subscriptions are pay as you go without being contractually obligated to continue on a journey any longer than you desire. I love this because it puts the responsibility on LIFE Leadership to continuously produce material and incentives to keep its thousands of members and customers engaged. If the quality of the product line ever slips, the people that purchase the products will simply vote with their dollars and end their subscriptions and orders.

Additionally, let’s stop and consider what is truly required to succeed in any business. This may be an over-simplification, but I have yet to share this concept without obtaining total agreement. The key to success in any venture can be boiled down to a single word: passion. To succeed in anything in life will require your genuine passion focused on the success of that venture. From a business perspective, one can consider thousands of services and product lines to produce, consume and/or represent.

The key to success in business is finding an idea that you can get genuinely passionate about.

You see, the home-based business industry has thousands of examples of unique product niches, many achieving varying levels of success until other start-ups begin copying the core product line and undercutting the original in terms of selling price or pay structure. Consider the following examples:

   • Case Study #1: When you combine the home-based industry with cosmetics you can wind up with dozens of opportunities. They all represent high quality products and work to varying degrees. You can find success stories in each company. I’ve personally seen numerous pink Cadillac’s driving down the freeway over the years and whenever I see one I think to myself, “Good for her! She’s out there making it happen and being rewarded nicely!” I totally believe that specific business model works but, quite honestly, I will NEVER do it regardless of proof of however lucrative their pay plan may be. I simply can’t get passionate about cosmetics. I’m glad the product line exists and I’m certainly not knocking quality or painting that opportunity in any sort of negative light. But, as a 42 year-old man, you can probably understand why I simply won’t be passionate to represent it.

   • Case Study #2: When you combine the home-based industry with kitchen utensils you can wind up with many similar opportunities. They all work to varying degrees and you can find success stories in each company. I love high-quality kitchen goods. We have an aluminum ice-cream scooper in a drawer at home and it flat-out rocks! But in spite of those facts, I am just not going to go out and perform cooking demonstrations in my evenings. I’m not knocking that method or product line if you’re passionate about it, but I simply am not. And by default, without passion, my success is already limited before I even consider signing on the dotted line.

   • Case Study #3: When you combine the home-based industry with vitamins you can wind up with dozens of opportunities. They all work to varying degrees and you can find success stories in each company. . . I could go on and on, but I think you are getting my point.

   • LIFE Case Study: How about this: When you combine the home-based industry with Leadership Development material for American families, you will only find a single company: LIFE Leadership. This is an entirely different entity because LIFE Leadership is a business model that’s wrapped around a cause: Making a positive impact in our culture not only for ourselves but for the sake of the next generation. Now that is something I can genuinely get passionate about! That is a vision that makes my heart beat a little harder, my vision focus a little sharper, and my voice to fill with confidence. This isn’t just a business model that is designed to only make money (although it does that quite well); this is a mission that is dedicated to make a difference by bringing world class leadership development material target-priced below the rest of the industry to the households of America.

Why Now?

To put it quite simply: Our modern culture and nation needs LIFE Leadership to succeed. Let’s consider a few simple indicators regarding the current state of the culture within the United States:

   • We live in society that has the third highest divorce rate in the world. That rate has been hovering around 50% for over a decade. I know there are special circumstance and special people out there so I’m not judging anyone. I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t agree that a 50% divorce rate is cause for alarm, especially when considering the next generation. Consider for a moment that, as a parent, half of your children will be divorced typically within 8 years of marriage. If you are the parent of two or more children, which would you choose to be the one to wind up in divorce court? None, obviously; but what can we do about this disturbing statistic?

   • Since 2000, there have been over 17.9 million bankruptcies filed within the United States, averaging over 1.28M bankruptcies annually. (source: US Courts.gov). Conversely, statistics show that college completion rates are “distressingly low” with only about half of first-time college freshmen who enrolled in 2006 having graduated by 2012, according to the National Student Clearinghouse. Additionally, the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded by public institutions in the 2010-11 school year totaled 1.1 million degrees (source: National Center for Education Statistics). In brief comparison, the national bankruptcy rate has exceeded the number of bachelor’s degrees earned from public institutions. I’ll let you decide: are these trends building a brighter or bleaker future for the next generation?

   • More people now die of suicide than in car accidents, with the highest rate of suicide happening in the Baby Boomer generation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 there were 33,687 deaths from motor vehicle crashes and 38,364 suicides. What can be said when the citizens in the “Land of Opportunity” hit the point of total hopelessness that they not only contemplate the unthinkable but actually carry it out at a rate greater than 100 times each day.

   • Teen suicide is a growing problem, a new study shows. Nearly 1 in 6 high school students has seriously considered suicide, and 1 in 13 has attempted it, according to the semi-annual Survey on Youth Risk Behavior published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The attempted suicide rate for high school students has risen from 6.3% to 7.8% in the last three years. The fact that teen suicide is a measured statistic is probably the saddest of all referenced trends.

Make no mistake, there is a cause worth fighting here and it’s no longer good enough to just take care of my “family-tight” compartments. We, as a nation, need to redefine “community” by sacrificing some of our personal time to make a difference in each other’s lives. LIFE Leadership provides us the vehicle to do just that while incentivizing that process with a compensation plan the pays in direct proportion to the number of families and lives in which you make a positive impact.

Why You?

To state it simply: our nation needs you. The next generation needs you to step up and become a force for good. We sincerely want you to join us in this great cause. Because if you’ve taken the time to read this very article, to this very sentence, then you know deep within your heart that you were meant for greatness! Maybe you were called for such a time as this. You know that you weren’t created by the God of the universe to simply eek out an existence with the time you’ve been blessed with here on earth struggling to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Deep within your heart, you have hopes and goals and dreams that are meant to be lived and experienced – not just delayed and forgotten.

Those of us in LIFE Leadership are passionately pursuing this great cause. LIFE’s first stated goal is to bring LIFE Leadership to 1,000,000 families. We will make a difference in the process and hope you are up to the challenge. The founder of LIFE, Orrin Woodward, is quoted as saying,

“We don’t promise easy; we promise it’ll be worth it.”

I look forward to shaking your hand personally at a stadium near you in the not-so-distant future.

– Mike



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